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In English (?)

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Mo 25. Jul 2016, 14:47

Hey guys!

I know, this may seem a bit, sudden, but I talked to a friend of mine recently, who is interested in joining our Star Wars RPG. Therefore I'd like to propose that we conduct that particular RPG in English from now on, if that's okay with you guys? Maybe we could add a couple of English translations to certain categories? I did that for the introductions part already.

What do you think? I know, most of you are really good English speakers, so this may be a good practice?

Love you guys!

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Re: In English (?)

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Di 26. Jul 2016, 09:47

Of course we should translate more parts, than only the RPG. It would be much better to discuss other stuff as well, and also would it include Natalie much better I guess. :)
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